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Multi-discipline: Green Solution Hood

The Green Solution Hood

For the first time ever, it is possible to efficiently handle acids, solvents and bases with the same filter using the Green Solution Hood. Using a breakthrough filtration system, called Neutrodine®, a ductless fume hood can now handle such a broad spectrum of molecules, that it can compete with the usage capabilities of traditional fume hoods, all without the major drawbacks of significant energy consumption, installation costs and toxic atmospheric emissions.


Let Gray & Green make your lab:Green Solution Fume Hood

  • More eco-friendly
  • Use less energy
  • More eco-friendly; Stop dumping toxic fumes into the atmosphere
  • Recycle your filters


More cost-efficient

  • Cut energy costs by 96% and reduce operating costs by 70%
  • Eliminate associated heating and cooling costs

More flexible

  • Retrofit old buildings without redesigning HVAC
  • Zero impact on building HVAC so adding a fume hood is now as simple as filling out a questionnaire
  • Maintain productivity without changing the way lab technicians work



How is Neutrodine different from other filtration?


Stacking FiltrationNeutrodine filters:

  • Allow for the simultaneous handling of solvents, acids and bases with the same filter
  • Have high retention capacities for an unprecedented level of safety
  • Utilize multiple layers of technology to transform molecules, allowing the simultaneous adsorption of solvents, acids, and bases
  • Are designed with a unique filter frame that prevents carbon shifting and channeling which significantly extends the lifetime of the filter
  • Have a high retention capacity for an unprecedented level of safety and operating cost savings
  • Are environmentally-friendly (contain no heavy metals)