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Evonik – Modular Laboratory

Evonik, a leading specialty chemicals manufacturer, was looking to design a single laboratory to consolidate their activities from two laboratory lease spaces. Time was of the essence because Evonik had to vacate their lease spaces by end of the 2014 calendar year. We were contacted by their builder for our expertise in lab design and our collaborative approach. Working with the laboratory users at Evonik, we were able to develop 3 different design scenarios; a fixed building, a temporary building and a modular laboratory building concept. All design options addressed the laboratory user requirements and the request to create a greener, more environmentally friendly lab. The customer chose the modular lab design. Check out our image gallery to see the final product. With our past experience and current connections with excellent manufacturers, we were able to provide the laboratory casework, counter tops, service fixtures, Green Solution Fume Hoods and Standard Fume Hoods within the most competitive cost & efficient time frame to meet Evonik’s occupation requirements.